Another nearly completed project, in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, was an interesting one in a few ways. The house is a turn of the century (last century!) Tudor that a previous owner had sullied by adding a large bathroom between the living and dining rooms. This project’s main goal was to remove this bathroom, open the main rooms back up to one another, and insert a new smaller and less conspicuous powder room on the other side of the house, between the kitchen and stairs to the basement. This is the first project I’ve done that actually made the kitchen smaller! – the powder room had to be placed in part of the existing kitchen footprint.

Of course the kitchen had to be completely remodeled, but in the end, due to a more efficient design, they didn’t lose any workspace, and actually gained usable storage space. A new lift and slide door to the backyard (soon to be remodeled in phase 2) adds a lot of natural light. The new powder room is very compact, but a beautiful combination of modern fixtures and traditional decorative elements.