Jim Burton Architects is an award-winning Seattle modern architecture firm dedicated to integrating sustainability and modern design. We develop thoughtful, imaginative solutions to the functional requirements of a project, combined with the genuine, honest expression of structure, site and climate strategies, building systems and natural materials, and we create a strong indoor/outdoor connection in our projects. Our design process is a collaborative one, and we try to develop a team mindset in our projects with the homeowners, and ultimately with the contractor too, while putting the clients’ goals and interests first.

Jim has spent many years living and working abroad and has seen how great architecture can endure the ages. He believes all modern architecture should be well-built, functional, and beautiful (Vitruvius’ ‘firmitas, utilitas, and venustas’) and should strive to be timeless. Architecture can transcend mere ‘style’ – it should create forms and spaces that inspire and enrich.

We believe buildings should touch the land lightly, and incorporate energy-efficiency, materials and water efficiency, healthy home strategies, and environmental stewardship. To that end clients are sometimes encouraged to consider incorporating beyond-code sustainable systems and strategies, e.g. PV (photo-voltaics), heat-recovery ventilation, rain-screen siding, green roofs, etc. – things that, while increasing up-front costs can pay for themselves over time for the homeowners, and for society at large.

Residential modern architecture is our main focus, and we love to work creatively within a budget. We strive in all projects to find a balance between our clients’ vision, goals, functional requirements, and budget. Jim is a Seattle architect with 25+ years of experience in residential, institutional, office, and other project types, and has built houses himself. He is a Passive House Consultant, and a LEED Accredited Professional. He is past president of both Passive House Northwest and the Seattle Chapter of the Northwest Eco-Building Guild. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Passive House Northwest, and the Northwest Eco-Building Guild.