I wanted to do a quick post to show the value of SketchUp in helping to make design decisions, in this case regarding siding options. This is a recently completed project in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle, and at this late stage we were making a decision on the exterior materials and colors.

In the end the darker green color was chosen. Incidentally before this we had also reviewed several options on siding material choices, i.e. wood vs. cement-board vs. metal etc. And before that the roof was configured differently, and being able to see their project in 3D led the homeowners to decide to revise it, to become a simple shed.

After this we went through a similar exercise to choose a front door color:

Here the red option was chosen, which complements very well (IMHO) the green cement-board, and cedar wood siding. You’ll notice we decided to extend the use of wood siding onto the garage too. After this we also used SketchUp to tweak the design of a very complex interior oak stair railing/screen.

I’m arranging now to have this project professionally photographed, and will follow up this post with one showing the completed project.